Deng Chaoyu’s heartfelt song “Home” makes people cry!

Deng Chaoyu calls people home for Spring Festival, The heartfelt song “Home” makes people cry

Recently, in public places such as on open-air screens, public transport subways, high-speed trains at airports, shopping malls and supermarkets in major cities throughout the country, as well as domestic and foreign website headlines and Weibo’s hot search lists, cross-boundary cultural celebrities, the public welfare publicity image of national goddess Deng Chaoyu dressed in white, with two hands putting up a finger heart combined with the latest recorded non-profit song “Home” whose melodies are warm and warm reach the heart directly. On the approaching of the Spring Festival, it arouses the feeling of homesickness, brings comfort to people who have been working outside for a year, and dispels the loneliness of the shadow on the long way home.

It is reported that, the song “Home” is a theme song jointly launched by the Wuzhou media, the China Committee for the Care of the next Generation of Health, and China Consumer Protection Foundation to care for left-behind children. “The warmth of home, gives love to children”, Deng Chaoyu, as a philanthropic messenger for children left behind in China, and a Chinese ambassador for public welfare charity, has personally filmed public welfare promotion movies and recorded public welfare songs. The lyrics of “Home” reads, “Family is reunion, home is happiness,” arousing people’s feelings of home complex hidden deep in their hearts, and calling on global travellers to go home to celebrate the New year, to be reunited with their families, and to start the new year full of love!!!

Talk about non-profit song, “Home”, Deng Chaoyu said that the Spring Festival is the biggest traditional festival of the Chinese nation, and it is the time when Chinese people from all over the world return home and reunite. Those who have been wandering around all the year round, the children and the elderly who stay in their homes full of expectations, are even more eager to have their families reunited. We need to go home, and we need to warm up the world. Launching this non-profit activity during the Spring Festival is to make people go home safely and have a happy New year full of love in the world.

Some people who hace heard “Home” and watched non-profit advertisement say the dong is full of warmth, even if you have just listened to it once, it keeps lingering, as if mother has been dinning in the ears, you will want to take out a cell phone to call home immediately; Some people say that they are most afraid of going home alone, loneliness makes you want to return home as soon as possible. On hearing “Home”, they feel the cold wind seems to be getting warmer too, they will keep playing it until they see their families; Some people say that this song is too sad, directly poking tears, people working outside for a year, suffocate the longing to go home, suddenly in the station they hear this song, touching the softest place of the heart, they can not help but cry at once.

There is a mood, called eagerness to dart home; There is a yearning, called gazing with eager expectations; There is a kind of expectation that is the call of relatives separated by mountains and water; There is a kind of deep feeling, that is the nostalgia for home; Traveling all over mountains and rivers, homeward scenery is the most beautiful; Tasting everything in the world, the feeling of returning home is the warmest. The non-profit messenger, Mr Deng Chaoyu and “Home” with timely appearance, seems to be warm farewell and a call with deep feeling, stirring the chord of homesickness, in the chilly spring, her tender voice and tender love move us, going home and the whole world.

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