Surpaul Cottrell’s New Book “Lessons” Takes a Look Into the Methodologies of Attaining Success

When one lacks the necessary skills that are required to properly establish their presence in the world and succeed despite all the odds, it is quite easy to lose hope and no longer feel motivated to achieve the goals and aspirations they might harbor at one point.

To assist such people in finding their way, Surpaul Cottrell has written his book called Lessons. Lessons is written to ignite the spirit of motivation and excitement in the people that have amazing ideas, but lack the proper platform to bring them into existence and polish them to perfection.

As the name suggests, the book takes lessons from the lives of people who were in similar conditions but were able to rise above the rest and proved that their spirit never dies, despite the obstacles they faced and the challenges they had to overcome.

The book also asks a few thought-provoking questions that will undoubtedly cause people to re-evaluate their lives and think boldly about their future. Surpaul Cottrell wrote Lessons while he was behind bars and thus, he has firsthand experience of what it feels like to lose everything, but manage to come back with full force.

Surpaull is excited to be unveiling his new line of books, which will be released on the first of each month for the next 12 months.

That said, this book is being recommended by readers to everyone who wishes to receive that extra push to attain a goal they’ve been unable to reach in life. It provides ample elaborations on the blueprints and plans of life and assists one in reaching wherever they wish to.

About Lessons by Surpaul Cottrell:

Lessons is a book that deviates from the typical self-help genre and instead elaborates on the personal stories and accomplishments of people who were suffering from difficulties and obstacles in their life but where able to come out on the otherwise as victors.

Written by Surpaul Cottrell while he was serving his sentence, this book goes into the intricacies of how one can achieve the goals and tasks they set for themselves and is becoming a hit among many people due to its motivational and exciting way of writing. Surpaul is set to release a book every month for the coming months. For more information:

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