Ibn Battuta’s Legacy: A heritage that resonates with contemporary universal values:

As part of the various cultural and scientific activities organized during the International Festival of Ibn Battuta to be held from 9 to 12 November 2017 in Tangier, an intellectual symposium on the famous traveler Ibn Battuta and his worldly journey will take place, assembling a body of renowned Moroccan writers and intellectuals.

Dr. Mohamed Ait LAAMIM will host a conference on the theme of «The Image of the East and the West in Ibn Battuta’s Journey» or how traveling and travel literature have allowed getting an accurate picture of the described populations’ nature and lifestyle. 

Abdullah ALAOUI, researcher and traveler who visited India, China and the Maldives several times, will emphasize some areas of uncertainty and common errors committed by publications dedicated to Ibn Battuta.

Jaafar al-KANSOUSI, researcher and leading Arab-Muslim world expert, will highlight the relationship between Ibn Battuta and Ibn Taymiyyah, as the former traveled and embraced other cultures, whereas the latter was famous for a narrower vision.

Dr. Khalid BELKACEM, translator and prominent researcher in the field of Sufism, will discuss Ibn Battuta’s relationship with mysticism and brotherhoods that have played a key role in his journey’s success. 

For his part, Khaled Al-RAISSOUNI, translator specialized in Andalusian poetry and heritage, will discuss Ibn Battuta’s journey to Andalusia and the purpose of his travel to this country during the Marinid dynasty.

Many other conferences are scheduled in parallel with the festival, of which the main ones are as follows: 

M. Muhammad Al-BOUGHALI, expert in Western Muslim World philosophy, will share his vision of linguistics’ importance in Ibn Battuta’s travel stories.

Mustapha LAMHTAR, researcher and author, will attempt to expound the complexity of Ibn Battuta’s character between a theologian and a travel writer.

The seminar will cover a wide range of new studies aiming at highlighting tolerance and peace, and demonstrating how respecting universal values is the best way to live together in harmony.

M. Mohamed DEKKAK, honorary president of the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta, stresses the particular importance of such scientific meetings that allow several researchers to confront their point of views and discuss important themes such as world peace, the rise of fundamentalism, cultural exchanges, culture as a mean of emancipating the young, etc.

For his part, M. Aziz BENAMI, president founder of the association, reminds us that these conferences on Ibn Battuta have become a tradition of the association, thereby enabling professors, researchers and great travelers to meet and discuss various subjects related to travel and tourism.

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