What’s “Xilan Kapu”? Cannes media reporters are fascinated by her

The Cannes Film Festival has been closed for a long time, and the Chinese culture has not been fully exposed in this world’s film art event. Although there are Fan Bingbing, Li Yuchun, Michelle Yeoh, Wang Luodan and others, but there is only one person who comes as a cultural communicator. She is Deng Chaoyu.


Some people believe that Chinese faces are frequently displayed on the red carpet, representing the vitality of Chinese film art. Yes, although the domestic star eager to flocked for the red carpet, it is difficult to understand what they are represented? Maybe for the utilitarian. Because in their eyes, the Cannes Film Festival is nothing more than a vanity fair looking for business opportunities! As the spokesman of Intercontinental Integrated Media and cross cultural messenger, Deng Chaoyu was invited to participate in the Sino-French Cultural Exchange Center hosted “The Belt and Road” International Film Week, to explore the cultural communication between China and France.


Be responsible for the culture exchange mission, Deng Chaoyu appeared in Cannes. Carefree but charming. Because she knew that the exchange and dissemination of art cannot be grandstanding, only by the national characteristics and the precipitation of traditional culture, can truly realize the great rejuvenation of Chinese culture in the world stage. Beyond starlight, Deng Chao walked undertone, but the Tujia Xilan Kapu skirt burning flames in every media photographer’s eyes. They recorded every detail with a lens, and in a short three minutes, officials released eight shots, even judge Fan Bingbing did not have such treatment. This is the charm of the culture. It cannot be achieved in a short time. Not wearing an out of the ordinary clothes can be recognized by the world.


What is culture? It has a wide range. Just take Deng Chaoyu’s Xilan Kapu skirt as an example, it was companied with Zhuang Jin, Miao Jin known as Chinese three brocade which have more than thousand years. This red dress, is made and designed by the Tujia girl. Compared with those outlandish clothes, there is a world of difference. And it is also the deposition of Chinese traditional culture. However, what sadly is that after Zhang Xinyu, there are always something ridiculous appears on the red carpet, use unscrupulous divisive tactics. Internet star Xu Dabao, who wearing the national flag by net friends criticized for ignoring the law, finally forced to apologize. With her deep cultural connotation, national costume elements and solemn, Deng Chaoyu show her own style on the red carpet. This shows the essence and unique charm of Chinese culture, although not amazing to call it, but from spiritual temperament has been far superior to them.


From a cultural and artistic point of view, Deng Chaoyu is even above Fan Bingbing in national content. It is reported that Deng Chaoyu won the “Sino French cultural exchange envoy” title in the Sino-French Cultural Exchange Center hosted “The Belt and Road” International film art. She received the certificate of “Sino French cultural exchange envoy” from the president of the Cultural Exchange Association of France. Deng Chaoyu also gave French star Juliet Bino precious “Xilan Kapu” Brocade, and she  puts a premium on it and sees this scarf as a treasure. It has witnessed the beginning of Sino French cultural exchanges and profound friendship between the two sides.

Deng Chaoyu traveled around the world to spread Chinese culture, which make people know her outlook, enjoy her talent, and respect her quality. Through her temperament dancing and verse, the profound and long history of Chinese culture could be spy. There is different scenery in the same red carpet. Some people forget that, but someone is unforgettable. With her personal behavior, Deng Chaoyu tells us that only with profound cultural background and feelings, can we go for a long distance.

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